Stretching at your desk

Stretching at your desk

Over the last couple of years, when the exodus from offices began and we started working from home, you might have read all the blogs on how to set up your desk correctly, the benefits of ergonomic furniture, how to finish work rather than sitting at the kitchen table all evening and the importance of exercise.

But, we want to remind you about one of those topics and that’s the importance of stretching whilst you work, whether you’re at home or actually in your place of work - it’s so important. 

Why does stretching matter?

Stretching helps you in a number of ways and not just physically.  Whether you sit and stretch or stand up and stretch, you’re taking your mind away from what you’re doing and giving it a break.  Without the same walks to meeting rooms or other buildings, without the need to step outside to buy some lunch, we have to make time for ourselves and stretching is a great way to do that.  Taking short breaks every hour or so and moving around are said to lead to increased creativity and productivity too.

Physically, sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time is not good for you as you may have found yourself.  Your body might start to ache, and you may feel tension along your upper back and shoulders.  Your blood circulation can be obstructed sitting in one position and that can lead to a wide range of physical symptoms and illnesses.  And we’re sure you know about the side-effects of staring at a screen for too long – eye strain, headaches and fatigue.  We recommend getting up out of your, hopefully ergonomic, desk chair, turning your back on your screen or going into another room and moving your body. 

Simple stretches for busy people

Whilst we would always recommend getting up and moving about, if you are ‘back-to-back’ (excuse the pun!) in meetings and can’t go for a walk or do some other exercise then here is a great video from Bupa on some simple stretches that you can do at your desk.

Bupa | Desk Stretches - YouTube

We hope you were copying the stretches whilst you watched!  And they didn’t take long did they?  Repeating those will really make a difference – a small investment of time for some great health dividends.   

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